The Group also has extended to produce renewable energy keeping in mind environmental sustainability with the sole intention of reducing carbon footprints by establishing windmills. The Company is currently producing around 20 MW in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh which is now being sold to the respective state electricity departments.

  • Located at Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh ( best potential wind site selected from Met Mast data)
  • State of art technology using S-88 and S-97 models of Wind Turbines
  • Use online Scada system to monitor the WTG's generation for all 24 hours
  • Maintain uptime of 95% Machine Availability for best generation

The JB Group is a socially responsible corporate citizen with an environment consciousness that preceeds its business motives. With a view to generate green energy, the Group aims to promote a healthier future for coming genrations.


  • Great management and dedicated control on energy harnessing
  • Secured tax-free income from the state governments of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh with possibility of earning carbon credits