The Dooars region is the foothill forest in northeast India, below the Darjeeling belt. The beauty of the Dooars tea is that they have the character of Assam tea with a unique aroma and sweetness of Darjeeling Tea. Tea was introduced in Dooars in 1875 and Kalabari Tea Estate was established in the year 1878 which is one of the oldest in Dooars region. Paharghoomia Tea Estate is situated in the Terai Region and tea from this region tastes delicate, flowery-fresh and has fine tangy flavour.The tea from these estates have clean black attractive appearance having full cups and strong liquor that goes well with a drop of milk.

The Group produces 700 tons of CTC Black Tea under the brand "Kalabari" in the Dooars region and 1200 tons under 'Paharghoomia' (a joint venture between the JB Group and the Jalan Group) in the Terai region, which are sold in the wholesale, auction and private market.

At Yava, we have an assortment of luxurious aromatic teas, specially blended and designed to renew your senses. It's just not a cup of tea, but an experience in itself.

Every whiff takes you on a magical journey to lush tea gardens of Bengal and Assam and every sip transports you to an oasis of peace and rejuvenation.

A perfect solution to soulful tea for vending machines at offices to perfect gifting options.

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  • Great Leadership and dedicated top management supervision
  • Excellent knowledge of tea processing and manufacturing
  • State-of-the-art tea processing factory reducing dependence on external sources