Created in 1971, to primarily address the opportunity in Finance, the Group gradually extended its scope from finance and investments to addressing the extensive organized real estate underpenetration in eastern India, to agriculture mainly tea manufacturing & processing, power projects, manufacturing, retail & ecommerce and services with Kolkata as the Headquarters of the Group.

The purpose of the Group is not limited to just the enhancement of stakeholder value. The Group’s sustainability initiatives also enhance social value as well through education, health, hygiene, sanitation, empowerment, livelihood and community-based projects.


To achieve sustainable growth in the fields of finance, real estate, agriculture, power, manufacturing, retail and service sectors, with a spirit of continuous improvement driven by ethics, innovation, quality, integrity, honesty and teamwork. And, in doing so, add value to the lives of consumers/clients/stakeholders by providing excellent products and services in the most optimum and judicious manner.


To be at the pinnacle of success, but only through integrity and transparency in day to day dealings with the clients and customers. But, above all, to be an organisation where every employee understands the requirements of clients/customers, and where there is no place for anything less than world-class quality in products and services.


Work like a family with trust and confidence in each other to deliver commitments in the most effective manner possible with an ultimate aim of continuous improvement.

core values


in dealings with all stakeholder groups


into meaningful businesses with an acceptance to transition and modernisation


and quality driven business process


and solution-oriented approach towards internal operations and external stakeholders

Customer Satisfaction

to be achieved in spite of all odds