Physical assets depreciate; knowledge enriches. At the JB Group, our foundation comprises the competence and commitment of our people. Our people deliver across sectors, geographies and business cycles because of our organisational culture. This culture advocates honesty and transparency - no hidden agenda. Our employees are encouraged to openly admit what they don’t know, setting the stage for learning from others - irrespective of age, level and hierarchy.

Besides, our institutionalised cross-functional and self governing teams encourage our employees to take strong decisions whenever they see value beyond cost. Our employees are provided with adequate resources and rewarded for innovative and breakthrough ideas, the basis of our enterprise. We support operational excellence, continuous improvement and rising performance standards. We encourage team spirit wherein individual egos are subordinated to the larger organisational good.

The Group's aim is to create a sense of belonging among the employees and to ensure that they are proud of their association with the Group. Equal opportunity and growth is the mainstay of the Group's offerings to its employees along with a very cordial and fair working environment.

Employees are also briefed on the group's achievement for the year during the annual meet. Group activities are conducted or tasks are allocated in groups for promoting teamwork. Also group discussions or debates are held on industry/ business related thoughts for tapping latent potential in employees.

Key HR differentiators

  • Quality involvement of top management
  • Right blend of young minds and experienced ones
  • Willingness to learn and teach
  • Highly responsive team
We believe in hiring the best talents and enable them to evolve and grow with the company. Anyone who is passionate, dedicated and confident is most welcome to join us. Put in your resume at