At JB Group, we are as deeply committed to corporate social responsibility as to our businesses. We recognise that CSR is a social investment that requires a responsible company to take into account the full impact of its operations on all stakeholders, including the wider society and environment.

Environmental sustainability is adhered to by effectively promoting sewage treatment plant, solar lighting, reuse of materials, rain water harvesting, top soil preservation etc. in all the Group projects. In Bengal NRI consortium, a lot of sustained education and health camps are conducted on an ongoing basis.

Shareholder value is uni-dimensional; community value is true wealth. At the JB Group, we believe that we can continue to remain truly viable only as long as our peripheral community remains vibrant. This sensitivity has manifested in various organisational understandings. We treat the community around our areas of work and presence as family. We are sensitive to the inherent diversity present among people and their various cultures. We empower our employees to contribute personal time and effort for community development and social causes.

  • Consistent work towards the upliftment of society as a whole.
  • Construction of an Eye Hospital in Churu Rajasthan that was handed over to the State Government for operations.
  • Consistent community outreach programs by the Urbana Group such as scholarships to meritorious yet needy students, vocational training programmes for the local youth for social entrepreneurship at George Telegraph institute etc.
  • Consistent environmental activity by the South City consortium such as cleaning of waterbodies, waste disposal and management etc.